After analyzing multilatinas and their business performance from a glocal perspective, starting from global trends to local success stories, there remain some specific reflections on the challenges and opportunities multilatinas have under the New Normal:


Companies tend to be more flexible, and multilatinas by nature have developed antibodies to crises due to the region’s volatility.


The use of big data is less widespread in Latin America and, in a more volatile and uncertain than average context, it becomes more valuable to implement prediction models because they provide a greater competitive advantage.


In 2021, the conversation about multilatinas is mainly concentrated in 5 countries: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and, Colombia.


In the last 6 months, there have been symptoms of a corporate concentration of the conversation: 60% is about the first 10 companies that have had the most impact on public opinion.


The internationalization of multilatinas business has not been accompanied by a narrative internationalization, since, on average, 68% of the conversation of a multilatina takes place in its home market.


New trends call for a more solid digital infrastructure, but multilatinas have a significant gap with their North American or European peers in order to implement many of these strategies.


The success of the companies that redoubled their bet during the pandemic reveals that there is significant growth potential for multilatinas in the region.


Multilatina brand is a concept with little narrative use, but great interest potential in the region. Under brand identity strategies, its regional use fits.

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